Tomorrow’s Storytelling, Today

Through the magic of hologram technology we can now tell stories in new ways to surprise and engage audiences. JLC Hologram provides full-service hologram solutions from conception through execution for entertainment applications and beyond. From the versatile performance of the potable Portl to the dazzling theatrical hologram systems that have graced stages around the world, JLC has harnessed the expertise relationships necessary to deliver Hologram technology to our existing client base and beyond.


Portable Hologram

Our partnership with PORTL™ Hologram positions us to provide the world’s first fully self-contained “holographic” projection unit, to tell stories in new ways to surprise and engage audiences.


JLC has formed a partnership with Holotronica which gives us access to their many and varied Hologram technologies including Hologauze. This 3D holographic technology was originally invented by Stuart Warren-Hill for his groundbreaking audiovisual 3D album show. Now Hologauze® is world renowned for being the first of its kind and the best performing gauze for visual effects.

Digital Resurrection

Since the world was wowed by the appearance of Tupac at Coachella back in 2012 and Michael Jackson at the Billboard awards in 2014, the public has been fascinated with the use of Hologram technology to bring back these icons and make them come back to life in a new form of live entertainment. We have in house expertise that has already been used in the creation of Ronald Reagan, Whitney Houston, Roy Orbison and many more to bring these figures to life. Coupled with advances in A.I and word recognition technology you could be enjoying an evening with Muhammed Ali or Elizabeth Taylor or hearing what Sir Winston Churchill thought about WW2. The possibilities are endless.

Content Capture

We leverage our expertise to ensure to work with team around the world to capture content for playback on holograms.

About Gary

With over 15 years of experience in the space, hologram producer Gary Shoefield leads this exciting division. His association with Holograms started back in 2004 at the World Football awards when working for Celador Entertainment, the company behind ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’.  From there Gary worked with Hologram USA where he signed an unprecedented number of acts from Bing Crosby to Patsy Klein, Wilson Pickett to Jackie Wilson and many more. Gary was also heavily involved in building the Holograms and helped devise new ways to help re-create legends of the past. He has also worked when many different types of Hologram technology and he took this knowledge to Base Hologram where, as a founder member of the company, he was directly instrumental in the signing of other big names including Amy Winehouse and Nat King Cole. Gary was also directly involved in the building of many of the companies Holograms including Roy Orbison, Maria Callas, Buddy Holly and Whitney Houston.

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