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Building off our two decades of experience in producing live events and experiences, we are excited to announce JLC Hologram, a new division that adds years of hologram expertise to our offerings. 

Our new partnership with PORTL™ Hologram positions us to leverage the magic of hologram technology to tell stories in new ways to surprise and engage audiences.

The PORTL™, a fully self-contained “holographic” projection unit, provides a solution with patented cutting edge technology. With a wide variety of uses, this human-sized 4K display allows viewers to see high-quality projections featuring full-body live or pre-taped content of subjects with photo-realistic images as well as other content that look sharp both in person and on camera.

A built-in front-facing camera and stereo speakers allow for the most realistic live telepresence to date. Called “HoloPortation,” subjects can “beam” to the PORTL™ in multiple locations, live from anywhere in the world via a simple green/white screen studio setup. A notable figure in Los Angeles can see, hear, and interact with an audience in London all live and from the comfort of their home.


Life-Like 3D human sized projections
High Resolution 4K Touch Screen Display
Supports any kind of 3D video content
Portable with easy setup time
Built in forward facing video camera and speakers
Playback of pre-recorded or live content
Mobile App for easy control
Full range even light distribution


TV Production

Beam people into your TV studio in a new an innovative way.

  • Incorporate key talent on set remotely via live telepresence .
  • Save on talent travel and logistics costs.
  • Display sponsors and product placement.
  • Facilitate contactless auditions in public settings.
  • Promote your content with stars in Malls and other public spaces.

Events + Brands

Beam talent to your events to interact live with your guests.

  • Guests can connect with celebrities and notable figures in real time.
  • Involve talent in an event from the comfort of their home.
  • Engage guests with interactive touch activated content.
  • Display branded and sponsor content in a unique way.
  • Guests can snap selfies with celebrities and notable figures.
  • Save on talent travel and logistics costs.

Film Studios

Reimagine the studio press junket by beaming in key cast members all over the world.

  • Talent can connect with media outlets in person all around the world in hours not days.
  • Save on talent travel and logistics costs.
  • Interactive cast content can engage with fans at events and in movie theaters.
  • Display ads for upcoming feature content when placed in high traffic areas.

Award Shows

Engage with talent remotely to create a one-of-a-kind social distance approved live event.

  • Feature hosts live on set
  • Save on talent travel and logistics costs
  • Feature sponsor logos and content on stage


Offer a unique experience to fans in your stadium or venue. 

  • Bring back legends of the past and present to engage with fans.
  • Highlight sponsors and advertisers in a unique display.
  • Store content natively on the unit for easy playback.
  • Remote performances from Players and Staff for media appearances.
  • Save on travel and logistics costs.


Surprise and delight guests with dynamic content on this dazzling display.

  • Guests can take selfies with celebrities and notable figures
  • Provide virtual concierge for way-finding and general mall information 
  • Generate revenue from selling interactive ads space – motion-activated camera tracks views and engagement.
  • Feature special live appearances by notable figures for guests to interact in real-time.

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